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The beauty of SurveyOnTablet Analytics

Semantic Topic Analytics

Feel the power of big data and get a deep dive into customer experience. SurveyOnTablet platform categorizes  customer sentiment into topics that mean something to you (semantics) for each of your locations and sub locations (tablets):



Sentiment Analysis

Advanced keyword discovery and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology is available at your fingertips to provide you with deep insight into guest sentiment:

sentiment distribution and daily activity



SurveyOnTablet Satisfaction Index

CSI is a key indicator measuring the gap between customer expectations and experience. We measure CSI by calculating percentage averages of all survey responses which express consumer sentiment. The index is very useful for tracking your performance over time on a week-by-week basis:




Powerful dashboarding

Meaningful dashboards will help you take smart business decisions with confidence.

answer distribution



Enhanced QR-code functionality with QR Engage (TM)


SurveyOnTablet launched an improved QR-code functionality with QR Engage (TM).

Your clients will be able to voice their opinion not just via the tablets but also through their personal smartphones. By using our QR codes you can collect responses at every location within your property.

We’ll take away from you the hassle of creating powerful surveys. We have prepared a large library of virtually every possible question you could ask your clients translated into more than 25 languages.

Powerful reporting and analysis is at your fingertips to get an unmatched insight into your business. Our thorough analysis is made with one purpose in mind – to give you a competitive advantage. Generate, schedule and share custom reports and analytics.

More information is available in this blog post.

A few examples:




Facebook Integration

We are excited to announce that our surveys can now be easily integrated to any Facebook page. Here is how a sample survey looks after the integration on our Facebook page:


survey on facebook


This is another great feature that  will help businesses streamline customer engagement through multiple channels.
The Facebook Integration will be available only to our Pro plan users.

You can fill in the sample survey here:

SurveyOnTablet is at the point-of-experience customer engagement platform, which transforms customer feedback into business intelligence. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients understand and improve customer experience at each of their locations and for each level of their management structure. The platform streamlines and provides analysis from a few feedback channels – tablets, QR-codes, Facebook apps, web and e-mail links.

Act Promptly on Customer Feedback to Drive Higher Satisfaction

Survey On Tablet enables businesses to see responses to their surveys in real-time. By setting up filters based on specific criteria, such as responses with satisfaction ratings below 50%, you can receive automated alerts about the areas you identify as being the most important to address. Even more now e-mail and SMS alerts can be filtered by location – so each time the responsible staff member receives the alert. Responding to clients immediately and taking action based on their feedback will help improve your reputation, reduce the amount of negative reviews shared online, while driving service and operational enhancements to actively improve future interactions.

survey on tablet alerts

survey on tablet alerts


Promote Your Reputation with SurveyOnTablet Website Widgets

SurveyOnTablet, the leading customer feedback and review analysis tool, is happy to announce the release of a new reputation marketing tool – Website Widgets.

SurveyOnTablet’s Website Widgets allows you to dynamically embed your latest reviews and Reputation Index on your website. The idea behind the widget is simple yet powerful – back-up your client’s buying decision by providing reviews and reputation metrics verified by a trustworthy authority. In addition the tool will provide fresh new content to your website and will boost SEO. Here is how some of the widgets look in practice:

reputation seal widgetreview ticker widget

“We are very excited because the widgets tool is the first visual implementation of our system’s meta-data functionality. This clearly shows the path we’ve taken – going beyond customer feedback collection and creating an advanced data analytics tool. In our vision, meta-data and meta-reviews are the missing part of the puzzle of providing a meaningful analysis to the executive and upper level employees. In fact, in the next few months our development team will release a few cutting edge meta-data analytics tools to support our clients in their decision making and to provide them with a competitive advantage.” – said Ivo Dimitrov, MD, Survey On Tablet Ltd.

QR code mobile feedback now available to SurveyOnTablet clients


SurveyOnTablet is happy to announce that it has just officially launched its QR code survey feature. By incorporating a mobile capability to surveys, your clients will now be able to voice their opinion not just via tablets but also through their personal smartphones. The latest function is available on all Pro Service Plans and adds a whole new dimension to customer feedback collection.

Linking surveys to a QR code makes  user participation more engaging and hassle-free. Clients can simply scan the QR code on their mobile phones in order to load a survey. As an emerging technology, QR code interaction attracts and captivates the users’ interest and attention. Functionality wise, online mobile surveys are quick and convenient to complete due to the mobile-friendly content we provide.

What is more important, QR codes simplify data collection and make feedback reporting and analysis even more efficient and thorough. By using our QR codes you can collect responses anywhere and anytime. Not only this, but you can create logical divisions of QR codes, i.e. groups of QRs, for deeper analysis. This is particularly useful for businesses spread across different locations or ones that wish to analyse differences between particular products and services. Here are a few practical examples of how the use of QR code feedback can apply to different industries:

HOTELS: Hotels are now able to separate feedback from every hotel section, floor or room.

RESTAURANTS:  Food home delivery services can print the QR codes on their boxes and track differences in customer satisfaction at different locations.

RETAIL:  Retailers can have the QR code printed on the purchase receipts and monitor feedback levels for each of their product groups.

SERVICES:  Service providers can have an objective rating for each of their consultants.

PUBLISHING:  Book publishers and authors can print QR codes on their book covers and receive targeted feedback.

QR codes also function well as a marketing tool. By using a mobile survey you can create and incorporate special offers, as well as convey messages to your clients to achieve better brand recognition, as well as greater response and sales rates. Setting up a QR code survey takes just a few minutes and, as with all our surveys, once launched, you can check responses in real time.

Whatever your industry, we have a QR code feedback solution for you. Contact us for advice and to give it a try!

The SurveyOnTablet team

SurveyOnTablet generates 15 times more feedback than & TripAdvisor combined

Dissolving pill with bubbles on blue background

SurveyOnTablet has just completed its performance research on hotels after three months of careful market monitoring. The results have been phenomenal! The research shows that hotels employing SurveyOnTablet receive on average 15 times more feedback than and TripAdvisor combined. This rate is achieved by using just one device. Performance results grow higher depending on the total number of devices used.

Another key finding of the research is that all hotels using SurveyOnTablet have reported an increase in their ratings on and TripAdvisor. On average our hotel  clients experienced a 0.57 point rise in their rating index. An upsurge in positive reviews online has also been  observed as an effect stemming from the utilisation of SurveyOnTablet .

What this all means is that those hotels are taking the right steps in response to the feedback, analytics and alert system that SurveyOnTablet provides for them. We are thrilled to see that SurveyOnTablet is proving to be so efficient. We will continue to strive to achieve even better results and happier client solutions.

The SurveyOnTablet team

SurveyOnTablet’s brand new vision

Have you visited the SurveyOnTablet page recently? Notice anything different?

Yes, it’s true, SurveyOnTablet has a fresh new look! We have revamped our brand appearance and our website in line with our commitment to growth and improvement. Our creative graphic designers help our clients make their brand look even more attractive and engaging on our tablets. So we decided this is a good way to show you a snippet of our creative abilities.

We hope you like our new face! 🙂

The SurveyOnTablet team