Telenor offers Survey on Tablet business solution

PRESS RELEASE 13 July, 2017

Sofia, 13 July, 2017 – Telenor corporate clients may now benefit from the Survey on Tablet service which allows them to run real-time surveys and campaigns, as well as to gain in-depth analysis of problem areas in their business.

The service does not require any initial investment in equipment. It is specially developed with the aim to offer Telenor corporate clients the opportunity to get feedback from their customers, to identify any shortcomings in the services they offer, and to react on-the-spot in difficult situations. Telenor corporate clients also have at their disposal a bank of surveys in more than 25 languages.

Survey on Tablet can be easily managed through a convenient interface. Customers can give feedback through tablets or QR codes placed in special locations on the sites. For example, a hotel owner can get feedback from their visitors by placing a device or a QR code at the reception, in the restaurant or in the hotel rooms and get feedback for each of the locations. The system sends instant e-mail alerts in cases of complaints or low ratings.

Survey on Tablet can be used even in areas with no internet access. Though, when an internet connection is established, it automatically syncs the data in the interface of the service.

Another feature of Survey on Tablet is the option to monitor the performance of the employees and link it with their bonuses and pay levels. With the new service, the corporate clients of the operator can also organize marketing campaigns. The uploaded content is highly secure and safe as Telenor provides 24-hour technical support, 7 days a week.

The service, developed by “Survey on Tablet LTD”, is available to both new and existing corporate clients of Telenor with one or a two-year contract. Depending on their needs, Telenor corporate clients may choose between Licence which gives access to Survey on Tablet on a single device or Package which includes a licence, SIM card with 1500 MB of national mobile data and data in roaming for the EU zone and a tablet from select models from the portfolio of the company. The prices of the licences start from BGN 8.99 without VAT.

Detailed information on the advantages and prices of Survey on Tablet can be received by contacting the respective sales representative or at the company’s website.

Telenor Bulgaria is a leading telecommunication company with over 3.3 million active subscribers in Bulgaria. As of end of March 2017, the company’s services are available to 99.63% of Bulgaria’s population, covering 89.75% of the country’s territory. As of May 2017, Telenor 4G network covers 89.06% of the population. Telenor Bulgaria is part of the international Telenor Group which operates in 12 countries in Europe and Asia and has 172 million mobile subscribers.

Telenor PR Department