Monthly Archives: August 2014

Promote Your Reputation with SurveyOnTablet Website Widgets

SurveyOnTablet, the leading customer feedback and review analysis tool, is happy to announce the release of a new reputation marketing tool – Website Widgets.

SurveyOnTablet’s Website Widgets allows you to dynamically embed your latest reviews and Reputation Index on your website. The idea behind the widget is simple yet powerful – back-up your client’s buying decision by providing reviews and reputation metrics verified by a trustworthy authority. In addition the tool will provide fresh new content to your website and will boost SEO. Here is how some of the widgets look in practice:

reputation seal widgetreview ticker widget

“We are very excited because the widgets tool is the first visual implementation of our system’s meta-data functionality. This clearly shows the path we’ve taken – going beyond customer feedback collection and creating an advanced data analytics tool. In our vision, meta-data and meta-reviews are the missing part of the puzzle of providing a meaningful analysis to the executive and upper level employees. In fact, in the next few months our development team will release a few cutting edge meta-data analytics tools to support our clients in their decision making and to provide them with a competitive advantage.” – said Ivo Dimitrov, MD, Survey On Tablet Ltd.